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Southern Mantis Press - Southern Praying Mantis

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press



2014 - Autumn / Winter  China Hakka Mantis News

Videos may load slowly depending on your net connection. Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox.

In this Article:

  • Hong Kong Chin Woo Association Visit
  • North Mantis Lee Kam Wing Visit
  • Mantis Around the Globe
  • RDH Teaching Ground Under Renovation
  • Kwongsai Mantis - Kwong Wu Tong Visit
  • New Releases and Upcoming
  • Happy Holidays 2014 and Feb 19, 2015 Happy New Year of the Sheep

Hong Kong Chin Woo Association Visit

  • RDH and Sean W. Robinson stop by to visit Huo Yuanjia's Legacy

Hong Kong, October 2014, RDH --

Hong Kong Ching Wu Association 2014    
HK Chin Woo partial training hall

SWR - Hong Kong Ching Wu Assn

Sean W. Robinson is a private student of mine.  He lives with his Chinese wife and son, in nearby Shenzhen City, and has been training twice a week with me privately for the last couple of years.  In October, he accompanied me to Hong Kong on some business and visitation.

We stopped by, out of curiosity, to visit the Chin Woo Association, established in 1910 by the late Huo Yuanjia.  In the photo left of Sean, that is Huo's death photo above Sean's head. 

When I was living in Beijing, circa 1989, and published the Martial Arts of China Magazines, I featured Huo Yuanjia and some of his students and acquaintances, so it was a pleasure to stop by this Hong Kong martial art hermitage which was established circa 1918-22. 

If you haven't heard or read of the Chin Woo then click here.   Next time you are in Hong Kong, be sure to visit the friendly staff, sample a class of any dozen different martial art teachers and styles, and pick up your free Chin Woo Magazine shown below.


Ching Wu Hong Kong Magazine

Here is the address: 

Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Association
300 Nathan Road
Wah Fung Building Flat B/C  13 Floor
Kowloon, Hong Kong

North Mantis Visit - Lee Kam Wing Sifu

  • RDH and Sean W. Robinson head to Hong Kong Wushu Association via Lee's Mantis

Hong Kong, October 2014, RDH --

Lee Kam Wing Seven Star Mantis The plan was to next visit the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Art Association, established in 1969, but the street protests in Hong Kong, 2014, caused us to bypass the area and so we visited 7 Star Mantis Sifu Lee Kam Wing.   Lee Sifu had visited me once, circa 1990, in my San Francisco publishing offices and had presented me with one of his books.

I trained Plum Flower Northern Mantis circa 1976-78, in South Korea, and the Hakka Southern Mantis legend states a connection to a mysterious figure named Xie, who traveled to the Northern five provinces and influenced North Mantis. 

Lee Sifu had a couple of USA students who had been training in Hong Kong a few weeks and Lee was heading to Wudang Mountain to lead a tour the next day. 

We had a short chat and I reminded Lee that he and I had last met at my Hong Kong Chu Gar Sifu's celebration, in 2002.  Lee Sifu was the Master of Ceremonies for the celebration and a friend of my Chu Gar Sifu, the late Cheng Wan.


SWR Visits Lee Kam Wing Sifu
Sean Robinson left with Lee Sifu and his USA Students


VIDEO 2002:

That is Lee Sifu, in the background, as Master of Cermonies for Cheng Wan Sifu's 2002 Celebration, in this video, and RDH demonstrating as Guest of Honor:

This video is a .mp4 file.  Adjust your PC accordingly.  Click play.


Here are the addresses - visit them when in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Chinese Martial Art Association
687 Nathan Road, 9FL, Block A/B
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Lee Kam Wing Seven Star Mantis
#1 Un Chau Street, 1FL / B
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Mantis News 'Round the Globe

  •  Dr. Simon Han, Taiwan

Dr. Simon Han - Cardiologist

Dr. Simon Han from Taiwan, is a cardiologist and teacher-historian of several styles of martial art.  He is also an avid Mantis man, both Northern and Southern Hakka Mantis.  He maintains a website on Hakka Mantis:

and also is affiliated with

Simon's Kwongsai Mantis site has a version of the Eighteen Hands in Chinese and although, it isn't exactly what Mark or Louie Sifu wrote for each hand, I think Dr. Han's version is an excellent academic look.  We must remember, when Lam Sang began teaching in the 1940s, in the USA, many of the hands didn't have names.  It was his disciples, in an effort to remember and associate the actions, that gave names to each skill.

You can reach Dr. Han at


  • Boston Area, MA - Jim Roselando Opens New School

James Roselando is well known in the Wing Chun community as an historian and Ambassador, of Old Fung's Gulo Side Body Wing Chun today.  In fact, I was with him, in Gulo, the day Old Fung appointed Jim, as an Ambassador by ceremony.  He is opening a new School in the Boston area teaching: 

Park Avenue Wellness

  • Pin Sun Wing Chun - USA HQ Gulao Boxing Association
  • Yik Kam Siu Lin Tao - Ban Jung Wing Chun
  • Life Nourishing Qigong - Medical
  • Meditation, Yoga
  • Holistic Health center

What many don't know is that Jim is also an avid Hakka Mantis man.  He traveled to study with me extensively during the late 1990s and sometimes visits me here, in China.  He remains a good friend and student of mine today!  I appreciate Jim.  If you are in the Boston area visit his School or if you just want to chat then email him at:   Who knows?  You might be able to persuade him to teach you Mantis too!

Here is the address:

Park Ave Wellness - "Energy-Meditation-Life"
8 Park Ave
Arlington, MA, 02474

  • Tampa, Florida - Dale Dugas Bamboo Temple Branch Relocation
Dr. Dale Dugas AP DOM MAOM Dipl.OM

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Services offered at:
Jade Tree Wellness Center 3039 49th St N St. Petersburg FL 33710

Community Acupuncture Services offered at:
Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture
6420 N Central Ave Tampa FL 33604

Hakka Martial Arts Instruction offered in Tampa: 813-237-0350
  • Lima, Peru Bamboo Temple Study Group - Guillermo Talavera
A formal Study Group / School established 2015 in Lima.  Contact Mr. Talavera

RDH Teaching Ground Under Renovation

  • Pingshan Hakka Museum Undergoing One Year Renovation

Pingshan, December 2014, RDH --

Sean W. Robinson - Hakka Museum

 For the last year, I've been teaching Sean Robinson and sometimes a few natives twice a week, at the local Hakka Museum.  It is a large estate of several acres and dozens of rooms and buildings dating back more than 200 years.  Recently, we discovered an article was featured in the local travel newspaper about our training there.

Although, the museum is officially closed for the next year, they allow us into the main hall to train.  Just because it is closed with a notice posted outside the main gate doesn't stop a steady flow of tourism though, and one day a local man happened in and engaged me in conversation while we were training.  He brought with him the travel newspaper and came to see for himself that foreigners were teaching and studying Hakka Mantis in the local museum!   We had no idea about the story or newspaper and so he presented it to Sean and I snapped the shot above.  (The guy wasn't as small as he appears, Sean is a big guy!)

In fact, the newspaper was doing an article about the Hakka Museum which is a well known tourist destination.  People not only travel from all over China but by bus loads from Hong Kong as well.  The red check mark begins the story of RDH teaching at the Hakka Museum.  The picture at the bottom actually shows a side view of the front gate and the duck and fish pond in front of the museum.

Longgang Travel Newspaper

During a typical two hour training session we may see a dozen visitors and I usually have a brief chat with them all.  Ocassionally, we have some martial artists who engage me about boxing but so far, all encounters have been positive. 

In fact, we have had a number of people who want to pop in for a class and a few that train farily regular. 

One of the curators says his grandfather and relatives were tenants in this museum and that his grandfather trained Hakka Mantis there.  

Below is Sean teaching a couple of locals how to walk the Hakka Mantis horse.

Sean W Robinson teaching at Hakka Museum

As a result of the continuing renovations at the Hakka Museum, we've been training at a nearby local reservoir and Pagoda.  Huang Yan and puppy The image below shows the locale and that is my long time associate and companion Ms. Huang Yan and puppy Lucy Mae in the picture!  Both of them also train Hakka Mantis!

This image doesn't do justice to the locale.  It is a large area and that is a hiking-bike path that I've heard extends all the way to Shenzhen, some 40 kilometers or more away!  One day, I'm going to skip training Mantis, get my Gatorade and see how far I make it.  Perhaps, I'll discover some hidden Hakka Mantis or gain some new students along the way.  You never know until you try!  Come here and join us.

Kwong Wu Tang - Kwongsai Mantis Update

  • RDH and Sean W. Robinson demonstate Som Bo Gin Two Man

Pingshan, November 2014, RDH --

Hakka Mantis Wall Clock

Some Tuesday or Thursday mornings before training, Sean and I stop by the Martial Hall (Kwong Wu Tang) of the Wong Yuk Kong Clan for tea and a short chat.  Sean seems to have become a respected figure now in both Kwongsai and Chu Gar circles.  (Last year he traveled 3.5 hours a day roundtrip to train with me when I opened the Chu Gar School in Huizhou.  This year he has shortened his travel to 2.5 hours per day by coming to train with me in Pingshan Town.)

I went to present a gift - a Hakka Mantis Wall Clock to Wong Yu Hua.  I told Wong the clock was to remind him of our 22 years of friendship and also to remind him that we had better get busy - our time now, nearing 60 years of age, is on the down side of 12 noon!

Note:  This custom Hakka Mantis wall clock will be available soon on and this website for 29.99.   It is quality made with a crisp Mantis image and hangs in the Kwongsai Mantis Kwong Wu Tang in Pingshan Town!  Now it can add ambience to your wall too!  (Actually the clock image is the logo of our Huizhou Chu Gar Mantis School - the seal states Hakka Praying Mantis.)

Older Brother Wong Yao Hong was also there and so after a cup of tea, I asked the two Wong Brothers to enjoy Sean and me playing Som Bo Gin Two Man Form.   At once, we played both the Loose Hands One and Som Bo Gin Two Man Sets to great applause.  It seems they were sufficiently impressed.  (I am reminded of the maxim, "the more one tries to impress, the less impressive he is.")

Some time ago, I was asked by Wong Yu Hua to teach a couple of his students the Som Bo Gin two man form transmitted by Lam Sang.  There are some subtle differences between Lam's USA and China's Kwongsai Mantis.  I will elaborate on those someday soon.

One picture, of the thousand hanging on the Kwong Wu Tang wall, caught my attention this last visit.  It was a picture from the 1960s of Zhang Gun Hai, the producer of the Wong Fei Hong and Jook Lum Temple movie.  Zhang was also student of Wong Yuk Kong's Kwongsai Mantis.  It seems Zhang's Bil Jee Spearing Fingers are full of spirit!  Have a look:

Zhang Gun Hoi Sifu - Kwongsai Mantis 1960s

Zhang Gun Hoi Sifu, Producer of Wong Fei Hong and Jook Lum Temple Movie, Circa 1960s,

I do plan further projects with Kwong Wu Tang and the Wong Clan in 2015.  Meanwhile, they welcome your visit!  Let me know when you will arrive!

RDH New Releases and Upcoming

  • 2015 New Instructional DVDs

Oriental Secrets Qigong Series

Most of the projects below were completed in 2014, but haven't been posted to the websites and Amazon, at the time of this news column.  They are interesting and useful programs.  Often, If I can find just a morsel of light, useful information, in a program or book, then I am reminded of the maxim, "He who teaches all teaches ill."  It means that the teacher who teaches students everything, does not teach well. A good teacher lets students discover some things for themselves. "  I can say these are authentic programs of genuine traditional teachings.

Oriental Secrets Series - Self Health Videos  
Secrets of Better Health
Secrets of Heavenly Circulation
Secrets of Outer Strength

MantisFlix - Instructional, Demonstrations, Events
Hakka Chu Gar Mantis Series - Instructional, Demonstrations, Events 
MantisFlix Volume 1003, 1004, 1005 - One DVD
MantisFlix Volume 1006 - Sai Kung Village Celebration 2007
MantisFlix Volume 1007 - Huizhou Chu Gar School Grand Opening


Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis 
MantisFlix Volume 1002 - Pingshan Mantis Celebration 2004
MantisFlix Volume 1008 - Jook Lum Temples - WuTaiShan - Long Fu Shan - One DVD



  •  2015 New Hardcover Collector's Edition Books

Southern Mantis Press
These two books are scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.

In addition to the above programs mostly completed now, there are several new media such as 1st Generation Lao Sui teaching (Chu Kai Ming-Anthony Chan) in book and DVD, Secret Kungfu Societies of Old China Book, VOLUME 11 Loose Hands One Two Man Set DVD which are slated for 2015 publication.

Additionally, Chu Gar Instructional Fundamental Skills on DVD and Single Man forms of both, Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis, are scheduled.  So stay tuned if you are interested in Hakka Mantis. 



PS.  I am always behind schedule - the old maxim - "I'm three months behind on three week's of work", always applies to me; slow but sure. 

Eventually, I will release on MANTISFLIX DVDs all of the 100+ hours of Hakka Mantis Events and Celebrations dating back to the 1950s, which were left to me by late Sifu Cheng Wan, Hong Kong.







Happy 2014 Holidays and 2015 New Year (Feb 19) of the Sheep!

  • I'll be back, around the Dragon Boat Festival with the Spring-Summer 2015 News.  If you are interested in this S = K LOG W news column continuing, let me know.  Or just drop me an email to say hello!  Welcome.  ...RDH, Pingshan Town, China


Start Training today:  VOL ONE

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PS.  I know that I've mentioned Sean W. Robinson, a number of times in this issue.  He deserves the recognition.  Few, of the thousands of students I've trained, have exhibited his interest and dedication.   He will likely become a next generation Mantis Man!  Only time will tell - time is the deciding factor - dedication and interest without protracted time will fail.   It is rare when interest and dedication meet opportunity and time.   Sean is already a lifelong martial artist having trained the world over.  There is a saying in Mantis, "if you like Mantis, it will like you".  That is to say keep single-minded and focus on your goal and you will reach it!   Persevere.

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