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Southern Mantis Press - Southern Praying Mantis

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press



Hardcover Collector's Edition Book in Full Color

Lam Sang's Kwongsai Southern Praying Mantis

Eighteen Buddha Hands

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18 Buddha Hands Kwongsai Mantis

Amazon Five Star 
Amazon 5 Stars - Read Reviews Here

This book is fantastic...In depth from history, philosophy, to practices and theory...
Very good and worth the money!
reader's comment

Book Specs

  • Hardcover
  • 5.5 x 8.5
  • 168 Pages
  • 130+ Photographs
  • Full Color Interior
  • Acid Free Archival Quality
  • Key Benefits - Table of Contents

  • The challenge that caused Lam Sang to be known as "Monkey"
  • An abridged history of Lam Sang's life
  • 1958 Seattle Newspaper Photograph of Lam Sang
  • Supernatural Stories of Lam Sang; Poison snake, Hakka Pingshan, Macau Temple,
        Fireworks-no urination-sky claw, Light body skill, and more
  • Hsing-Ming Kung:  The Foundation of All Kungfu
  • Song of the Body Posture and Stance
  • Rooting, Centering, Spiral Power
  • Centerline Principle  (Inner / Outer gate)  (12-6; 3-9) 
  • Contact, Control,  Strike — One Arm-Three Hands
  • Intercepting and Sticky Hand
  • Single - Double Bridge;  Anticipating - Telegraphing
  • Dead and Live Power—Lik and Ging Power
  • Form and Function
  • 3 Methods of Bridging:  Crushing;  Swallowing;  Evading
  • Float;  Sink;  Swallow;  Spit
  • Internal Training
  • Da Mak - Dim Mak Vital Point Striking
  • Opening the Horse;  Shuffle Step
  • Turnarounds Back and Front;  Chop Step
  • Circle Step,  Advance Step
  • Return Steps; Chop, Circle, Advance as One
  • Half Steps;  Side to Side Stepping
  • One, Two, Three Steps Forward;  List of Steps
  • Kicks, Sweeps, Takedowns, Grappling, Chin Na, Hooking Hands, Elbow Strokes,
        Dui Jong Two Man Strengthening, Sticky Hand Training, Single Man Forms, Two Man Forms
  • Three Phases of Training
  • Empty Buddha Hand
  • Hands are a Pair of Doors
  • Mor Shu:  The Grinding Hand
        Attributes:  inner–outer hooking;  neutralizing;  simultaneous attack and defense; defense only;  
    defend and strike with the same hand;  defend and  strike with the opposite hand; 
    inside gate—outside gate;  single bridge—double bridge
  • Gwak Shu:  The Sweeping Hand
    Attributes:  defense only;  defend and strike with the same hand;  defend and strike with the opposite hand; 
    inside gate—outside gate;  single bridge—double bridge
  • Choc Shu:  The Upper Hooking Hand
        Attributes:  defense only;  defend and strike with the same hand;  defend and strike with the opposite hand; 
    inside gate—outside gate;  single bridge—double bridge
  • Sai Shu: The Roller Arm
  • Sic Shu:  The Eating Hand
  • Chun Shu:  Straight Strike - Simultaneous Offense & Defense
  • Pak Shu:  Palm Heel Strike
  • Lop Shu:  Grabbing Hand
  • Gop Shu:  Capturing Hand
  • Jek (Jet) Shu:  Straight Strike
  • Bao Chong:  Palm Strike
  • Bil Jee:  Exploding Finger Strikes
  • Ping Shu:  Back of the Hand Strikes
  • Jung Shu:  Uppercut
  • Chop Shu:  Finger Pokes
  • Gow Choy:  Hammer Fist
  • Jang Shu:  Elbow Strokes
  • Han Shu:  Double Bridge Strikes
  • List of 18 Buddha Hands
  • Appendix A:  Lam Sang’s Three Generations
  • First Generation Photograph
  • Second Generation Photograph
  • Masonic Association Photographs
  • Three Generations—One Teaching
  • Appendix B:  Miscellanies
  • Note on Hand Names and Translations
  • About Southern Mantis on the Internet
  • About the Photographs in this Book
  • Appendix C:  Chronology - Timeline
  • Valuable Hakka Mantis resources online and off 
  • More than 130 full color photographs
  • Hakka Mantis Boxing maxims and proverbs
  • And more!

    Instructional, Informative, Educational, and Entertaining!


    18 Buddha Hands - Get Your Copy Now!


    This instructional book, Eighteen Buddha Hands, is also a valuable and useful 'coffee table' reference book.  It is informative, instructional, educational, and entertaining for anyone interested in Hakka Mantis Kungfu and especially Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Praying Mantis.  And with extensive Kwongsai Mantis instruction and content featuring the late Sifu Louie Jack Man, this collector's edition book is a valuable library addition.  Request your copy now!



    18 Buddha Hands - Get Your Copy Now!


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    18 Buddha Hands - Get Your Copy Now!



    Southern Praying Mantis - Get Your Copy Now!

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