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Southern Mantis Press - Southern Praying Mantis

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press



Southern Praying Mantis
Training Regimen

Hole in the wall or New Media?

In China, many masters of old secretly spied through a hole in the wall to learn to Southern Praying Mantis.  How much better today to have the internet, a reference book, and DVDs that you can fast forward, rewind, or play in slow motion!  Using these new tools wisely in the future may help blossom the teachings of the past!

Teachers and students alike find the instructional materials in this site beneficial. 
Read their

your training with the VOLUMES 1 - 9 DVDs and progress step by step monthly.  It should take 9 months to one year to complete this training and gain a good understanding and ability.  Do not skip any part - the programs are progressive.  Skipping any part will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

 after Volume 9, by training the Chi Sao, trapping, and passoff skills
contained in
Volume 10:  Chi Sao.

advanced training, after Volume 10, is available by request only, at this time.  Volumes 11 - 18 contain the advanced two man forms.

Hakka Mantis boxing is only mastered by two man paired training.  However, the essential skills must be thoroughly trained and made one's own by self study and solo training.  The more you do, see, read, experience, the better your understanding and the more you can internalize your training.  You should first read the instructional book, Eighteen Buddha Hands which lays the foundation.  A thorough understanding of the content of all our hardcover books will be a strong supplement to your training.  Get started today.


You cannot learn Chinese boxing from a book or DVD.  Nor is it possible to fully teach it from such.

However, with our reference books and DVD instruction, one may grasp a good understanding and ability.  Just remember the key ingredient to Southern Praying Mantis is "feeding hands." That is learning to borrow and use the opponent's force and it cannot be learned from a book or DVD. Seek a qualified Instructor. Join a school or study group today! Click here 
Thought and action must be one, is the saying.  Get started now.

About Us

Southern Mantis Press is a POD publisher of books, DVDs, eBooks, and various media and printed matter related to Kwongsai, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu. Our books are distributed by Ingram Book Company, the largest book wholesale distributor in the world. Distribution partners include Baker & Taylor,, Barnes & Noble, Gardners and Bertrams among others.

What We Do

Preserving and Promoting Kwongsai Bamboo Forest Temple, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Southern Praying Mantis through an ongoing
"hands on" Survey of the origins, history and practices in China for more than a decade!

Publishing electronic and printed media promoting and teaching Hakka Praying Mantis and Unicorn Culture!

News and Events

The Southern Mantis Press complete website and more new media is scheduled to be online July first.  Keep an eye for more details.  And a new blog will replace our news column on this site.

If you haven't, then check the latest China Mantis news and our news archive going back several years!

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Southern Mantis - Your Southern Praying Mantis eSource!