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Southern Mantis Press - Southern Praying Mantis

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press

Southern Praying Mantis - Southern Mantis Press



2015 - Summer / Autumn China Hakka Mantis News

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In this Article:

  • New Media Now Available
  • Summer Hakka Mantis Friendship Tour 2015 
  • Happy 60th Birthday Brother Chiu Kwun
  • Wong Yu Hua treats Patients
  • Brother Jerry Chau Passes at 57
  • Winter News Coming!


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Southern Mantis Press

L) RDH R) Sean W. Robinson, Hong Kong, 2015 Mantis Friendship Tour

I'm coming on 60 years soon and for the third year now Sean W. Robinson, my good student, has accompanied me on the annual Hakka Mantis Friendship tours.  Sean is a lifelong martial artist who has trained the world over and a PhD candidate in Anthropology.

Once a year I try to gather all the Hong Kong and China Hakka Mantis brothers together for a celebration.  Nowadays, time isn't as simple and slow as days gone by.  But, Sean W. Robinson has kept up a daily Hakka Mantis training routine for his third year.  Laudable that is, in itself!




This year I visited Sifu Anthony Chan around the Summer Solstice to present him a sample of his book, Chu Gar Fist:  Complete Single Man Training.  We took the time to film a bit of park kungfu and below is a form Chan Sifu picked up from Gene Chen Sifu's transmission in San Francisco, 1978!  In time I'll share more of this and Anthony's transmission on DVD.  I'm working on it!  Slow but sure I am.



Southern Mantis Press

Southern Mantis Press

My late Sifu Cheng Wan's son, and my Sihing, Cheng Chiu, celebrated, in style, his 60th birthday this summer, 2015!   Students and brother-friends came from as far away as America to join in the celebration. 

Above pics, (Ah Chiu in touring cap), he refines Instructor Billy Li's four corners form.  Find Sifu and Ah Chiu's book here.  And I presented Ah Chiu with the Chu Gar Skills:  Yang Clan and Huizhou Hakka Mantis book for his enjoyment!



Southern Mantis Press

After 23 years of brother-friendship with Wong Yu Hua Sifu, he continues to spread the Hakka Mantis Dit Da Medicine, Unicorn Culture, and Kwongsai Mantis Boxing!  In 2009, he was awarded the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award by the government.

I stopped by this summer several times, but just last week he had some 15 people, many if not most patients, in the Kwong Wu Tong clinic.  More than a decade ago, I accompanied Wong when he was treating elderly patients for free - in their homes!  Now they come to him!  He is a Dit Da philanthropist!

I presented him the Chu Gar Fist and Hakka Mantis Maxims books for his enjoyment!  He also has all my books.  In the above picture he is playing "Three Steps-Three Scissors" single man form.   Expect further releases in 2016!



Jerry and I were 101st Airborne Infantry.  We were in Asia in 1976.  He passed this summer from colon cancer leaving an empty spot in my heart.  We talked weekly for the last 40 years.  He was the Associate Publisher for MAC and PRP magazines!  I loved Jerry Wai Chung Chau and he loved Chinese culture including Chinese Kung Fu and contributed immeasurably to my efforts in preserving and promoting Hakka Mantis!   See you under the Peach Tree on the other side!

Southern Mantis Press



Summer Chit - Chat

Jerry was survived by many people, his wife, and four children.  If you have known me in the past, you have heard or known of Jerry Chau.  See his early and later pictures in my publications.  He was the epitome of a brother-friend.  And he was my North Mei Hua Mantis and my South Hakka Mantis student. 

Some USA students and International have requested to be included in the 2015 Summer News, but after writing this, I haven't the heart to to write further.  Sadly.  Time heals all and time makes Hakka Mantis perfect with practice.  Train your Hakka Mantis long, slow, even, and smooth over a long period of time.

I'll include all the Summer omissions in the Winter News Column upcoming.

Watch your Hakka Mantis Wall Clock.  Time keeps on ticking.  And you need time to train it all.  My good student above, Sean W. Robinson, can now play Hakka Chu Gar and Kwongsai single man forms continuously for more than half an hour!  And two man forms twice as long.

Join us in Beautiful, Sunny, South China!  Or join me here in the 2015-16 Winter News Column.

Your correspondence is welcome.  Keep up your Hakka Mantis cultivation!

Guangdong, China
Summer, 2015


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